Ba Lua Archipelago is quite pristine with the sky and water in one color

Com to Ba Lua, Kien Giang  in from April to Octorber is the best time to visit vietnamBa Lua Archipelago is quite pristine with the sky and water in one color. Hence, recently it has attracted a lot of tourists come to explore and experience.. 

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Ba Lua Archipelago is a group of 45 islands, islets, and caves. Some big islands are named following their shapes and island folklore such as Pig Islet, Goat Islet, Mangrove Islet, Nhum Ong Islet, Coconut Islet, and so on. These islands were mostly formed by limestone mountains, which are less than 100 meters high.

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The sea around Ba Lua archipelago is shallow, even some places, tourists can walk from one island to the other.


According to local stories, Ba Lua was the name of a very beautiful Chinese – Vietnamese woman living in Ha Tien Town in the French colonization. As her Western husband was extremely powerful, she was made to be the owner of all islands. Therefore, people call those islands Ba Lua Archipelago.


Ba Lua Archipelago rarely encounters strong winds and big waves, so it is suitable for tourists to take a boat for sightseeing. In addition, the water is always deep blue and tranquil all year round. It is so clear that tourists can see fish swimming freely under the sea.


Sunrise and sunset on Ba Lua Islands are also beautiful and romantic. Moreover, gentle sea breezes are like welcoming tourists to come and discover the mysterious beauty of the pure beaches and natural islands.


Seafood is plentiful here. It’s easy for you to catch snails, oysters, crabs, and clams on the rocky reefs for your own grilled seafood party on the islands or buy from the local fishermen.


How to get there


From Ho Chi Minh city, you should take an overnight bus, depart from the Western bus station to Rach Gia. When getting Rach Gia, take the next bus to Ha Tien. On the way, ask the driver to get Ba Hon. It’s about 22 km from Ha Tien.

And then, buy a ship ticket to Pig Island with the price of VND 35,000/ person.



From Ho Chi Minh city, you can:

  • Through My Thuan bridge, go straight highway 80 to Rach Gia, then to Dam island. From this island, take a ship to visit the islands in Ba Lua archipelago.
  • Or go along Highway 1 to An Huu three-way intersection, and then turn right to Cao Lanh city, then get to Ha Tien, Ba Island.

Tourists can combine the tour Ba Lua Islands with some other tourist destinations in Kien Giang. For example, you can spend two days in Kien Giang, then 2 days in Ba Lua and turn back Ho Chi Minh city later.