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by Lê Thủy 5 years ago

Rustic Cafe in an Alley of hanoi Old Quarter

If you’re wondering what things to do in vietnam , and where to start, Hanoi is a good destination for your starting. The characteristic feature of the shop is to use rustic furniture, shows common pictures. Customers coming here...

by Lê Thủy 5 years ago

Try to eat Variations of silken tofu to reduce summer heat in Hanoi

Hanoi is the places to visit in vietnam. Welcome to Hanoi, in here have so many delicious food. This dish recalls to slices of white, smooth and thin tofu that are flooded with sugar water with smells of jasmine and grapefruit flowers...

by Lê Thủy 5 years ago

Turtle Tower has become a symbol of a part of Hanoi soul

In the middle of the lake is an ancient Turtle Tower. Turtle Tower has become a symbol of a part of hanoi  soul. The Turtle Tower image is always very simple but divine and associated with the mind of the Vietnamese people. Com to Hanoi...

by Lê Thủy 5 years ago

The Beauty on The Street in Hanoi

Situated between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, Thanh Nien road has long been a dating place of in-love couples to behold sunset on the windy West lake shore. Com to hanoi in autumn is the best time to visit vietnam Related: the hanoi...

by Lê Thủy 5 years ago

Hanoi Old Quarter On Weekend

On weekends, the walking streets become tourist attractions for not only local people but also foreign tourists. On Saturday night, about 7:30 pm, the walking streets are totally changed. Relate: the hanoi opera house  stands as the architectural,...

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