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by Lê Thủy 3 years ago

Hanoi Transport – Hanoi Travel Guide

In the pecking order of vietnam hanoi transport the car is King followed by the motorbike, the cyclist and then the pedestrian who is the lowest life form and must walk along many roads as the pavements are full of parked motorbikes. Getting...

by Lê Thủy 3 years ago

Linh Son pagoda in Dalat

In the middle of main temple, there is a copper statue of Thich Ca Buddhist with the height of 1.7m and the weight of 1,250kg. On the right side of the temple, we can see a 450-kg bell and on the left side is a drum with the diameter of...

by Lê Thủy 3 years ago

Rustic Cafe in an Alley of hanoi Old Quarter

If you’re wondering what things to do in vietnam , and where to start, Hanoi is a good destination for your starting. The characteristic feature of the shop is to use rustic furniture, shows common pictures. Customers coming here...

by Lê Thủy 3 years ago

The Bai An communal house

The Bai An communal house is located in Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, hanoi vietnam. The communal house was built under the King Ly Nhan Tong and worships three town gods. They are General Uy Linh Phuc Than, General Chieu Dieu and Thuan...

by Lê Thủy 3 years ago

Hang Ma Street – Hanoi

Hang Ma (Paper Offerings) Street has been one of Hanoi’s typically frenetic commercial areas since the medieval times. On the occasions of traditional festivities, the street becomes filled with sounds, colours and light, bearing the...